My Faraday Theory

(This entry requires a basic knowledge of the ABC television show Lost. If you’re not familiar with it, keep moving, because you won’t know what or who I’m talking about!)

OK, so I’ve been thinking about this, and I had an “Aha!” moment earlier today while discussing last night’s episodes with an online friend.

If you watch, then you know that an episode last season opened with Faraday weeping while watching a news report about the discovery of the fake 815 (the so-far unidentified woman with him is referred to on several forums and wiki sites I’ve seen as his “caretaker”). What would cause such an emotional reaction? He said he didn’t know why he was crying, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t know.

Anyway, something I have yet to see any comments on occurred during “The Constant“. When Faraday was explaining to Desmond what a constant is, he says (this is a direct quote, found on a Lost transcript site), “When you go to the future, nothing there is familiar. So if you want to stop this, then you need to find something there…something that you really, really care about….that also exists back here, in 1996.”

At the end of the episode we see Faraday open his journal to the following page:

If Desmond is Faraday’s constant, Daniel must really, really care about him. What’s up with that?

My guess: we’ll learn that Faraday is either Desmond’s father, or his son. With all the time traveling he does, I don’t know for sure which it is, but if he can show up at the Orchid when it’s under construction in the ’70s, then he certainly could have fathered a son of Desmond’s age.


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