Kate and Ben?

So I’m into the Season 4 DVD set of Lost, and I’ve made it as far as the Bonus Features. One that I just finished is called “The Ultimate Flash Forward”, which is a generous sampling of the FF from last season (and the Season 3 Finale) presented in chronological order.

Something that jumped out at me: when Jack and Kate met at the airport, he told her that he’d been using the Golden Passes they’d been given. He’d jump on a flight, have a meal at the destination, then fly home. Kate asked him why. He said because he was hoping the plane would crash.

FF a couple of days to Ben and Jack in the funeral parlor. Ben says tells Jack he hears that Jack has been flying a lot lately, hoping his plane would crash. Huh? Who told him that?

And when Ben tells him they all have to go back to the island, and Jack says “Sayid–I don’t even know where Sayid is.” (Pause) “Hurley… is insane.” (Pause) “Sun blames me for…” (Pause) “and then Kate…She won’t even talk to me anymore,” Ben quickly assures him, “Perhaps I can help you with that.”

Am I looking too close at things that aren’t there? It’s easy to do…

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