Now that I’ve finally seen the episode, a few Random Thoughts:

  • Watching the stream from ABC.com wasn’t half bad. HD quality picture, 30-second commercial breaks…if I didn’t have to wait until Thursdays, I might watch Lost this way every week.
  • I have such a crush on Elizabeth Mitchell.
  • Does Faraday really love Charlotte, or is he just trying to distract her from what he knows is going to happen to her shortly?
  • The woman on the island that Faraday says looks familiar – I’ve seen some hypothesize that it’s his mother, but I must say that if I ran into my own mother 50 years ago, I’m pretty sure I’d recognize her. Of course, much has been made of Faraday’s memory problems. Still, it seems a stretch.
  • Faraday doesn’t seem the type to me to put a girl in a time-traveling coma and skip to the States.
  • Des and Penny named their baby after Charlie. Aww.
  • Speaking of Charlies: young Charlie Widmore on the island! Quite a revelation. How does he know the island better than anyone else, as he claimed? Where did he – as well as Alpert and the rest –  come from?
  • Faraday’s plan is to bury Jughead. Could this somehow be tied to the fertility problems in the island’s future? Could that be the reason for the radiation suits worn around the Swan? Was entering the numbers into the computer every 108 minutes resetting the bomb’s trigger in some way?
  • Now we know why Alpert visited the hospital when Locke was born. When will we find out the meaning of the objects he showed him later in his childhood, and why he was so disappointed when John picked up the knife?

Man, I love this stuff!

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