Fantasy Football, Week 5

*Sigh*. Both of my quarterbacks are out, so we travel to Pittsburgh next week to welcome Big Ben back by starting our 3rd stringer.  I know that popular wisdom says that “On any given Sunday…” etc., but I’m already considering my Browns a 1-5 team. If they somehow pull out a win…oh, hell I’m not even going to bother finishing that thought.

Back to my fantasy results in Week 5

This week’s results:

Yahoo Teams

RTVP League:  (3-2) Angus’ All Stars 69, OM Rules 77
Chix & Dix League: (1-4) Stratoblasters 213.50, Mudd Dogs 268.50
Purple Pride League: (2-3) 4th And 10 139.5,  Vikings 128.0
Beer & Brats League:  (2-3) The Others 141.36, M&M/10 125.78
Pros Joes & Schmoes League:  (3-2) The New No. 2 112.60, So Jersey Eagles 182.56

League 5101: (2-3) The Dharma Initiative 67.74, mojo 72.34
Leagye 6613: (5-0) Reedy Creek Ramblers 83.76, champs 70.66

Fox Sports Public League 6970A: (3-2) A Team Called Brian 124.0, robert’s Team 57.4

ESPN Players League: (1-3-1) Intimidating Team Name 91, Team Curtis 91

So I’m a combined 4-4-1 for the week, and 22-22-1 for the season in my head-to-head contests, with one undefeated team.

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