Fantasy Foootball, Week 7

It’s always a nice surprise when you’re team upsets the favorite. Particularly when the favorites are the World Champs.  My beloved Cleveland Browns turned the trick on the N’Owlens Saints Sunday, with our third string quarterback behind center and our receiving corps depleted. It was all defense and Peyton Hillis. So we’re 2-5 going into our bye week. Not playoff bound, but in better shape than Dallas.

Speaking of Dallas (and getting back to fantasy), I’ve lost Tony Romo from a couple of my fantasy teams. Time to hit the waiver wire. Worse (fantasy-wise): Reports Saturday night indicated that Titans receiver Kenny Britt would not be starting due to personal issues. Of course, I sat him in both leagues. Of course, he didn’t start, but did play, and scored three touchdowns. Damn.

This week’s results:

Yahoo Teams

RTVP League:  (4-3) Angus’ All Stars 81, Dundee’s Devils 50
Chix & Dix League: (2-5) Stratoblasters 243.0, Pat’s Packers 258.50
Purple Pride League: (4-3) 4th And 10 137.5,  Dan’s Destroyers 105.5
Beer & Brats League:  (2-5) The Others 91.62, musclemen69 98.18
Pros Joes & Schmoes League:  (4-3) The New No. 2 151.32, Project D 149

League 5101: (2-5) The Dharma Initiative 89.90, Mike 174.58
League 6613: (6-1) Reedy Creek Ramblers 101.24, Living Room 73.10

Fox Sports Public League 6970A: (4-3) A Team Called Brian 106.6, C J’s Team 99.0

ESPN Players League: (1-5-1) Intimidating Team Name 95, T Town Thugs 108

So I’m a combined 5-4 for the week, and 29-33-1 for the season in my head-to-head contests.

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