Fantasy Football, Week 9

How ’bout those Browns! My fantasy teams sucked this week; I started as many Patriots as I have on hand (I think I might even have had Kraft in a lineup or two), but my Brownies kicked some serious New England ass! I can take my fantasy seasons going down the tubes if my RL team keeps playing like they are.

This week’s results:

Yahoo Teams

RTVP League:  (5-4) Angus’ All Stars 64, Wild Hanlons 89
Chix & Dix League: (2-7) Stratoblasters 154.0, Pat’s Packers 167.0
Purple Pride League: (6-3) 4th And 10 128.0,  Dan’s Destroyers 87.0
Beer & Brats League:  (2-7) The Others 76.14, Reddogs #2 96.76
Pros Joes & Schmoes League:  (6-3) The New No. 2 125.68, RoughRiders 109.28

League 5101: (4-5) The Dharma Initiative 89.72, Kentucky Fried Chickens 83.32
League 6613: (6-3) Reedy Creek Ramblers 68.26, Uncle Rico’s Time Machine 130.02

Fox Sports Public League 6970A: (5-4) A Team Called Brian 107.4, BLUE EAGLES TEAM 57.8

ESPN Players League: (1-7-1) Intimidating Team Name 93, Yukon OK Evil Eagles 111

So I’m a combined 4-5  for the week, and 37-43-1 for the season in my head-to-head contests.

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