Fantasy Football 2011, Week 2

Week 2 is, as they say, in the books.  I don’t know exactly what books it’s in. The history books, I suppose. Or the statistic books. Probably an accountant’s books. I can’t says what books, but Week 2 is now in there.

Who would have thought there would be so many amazing storylines in the NFL after only two weeks, not the least of which is the Baltimore Colts, usually mentioned in the same sentence as “next year’s Super Bowl”, are now being mentioned in the same sentence as “the first pick in next year’s draft” because one player is hurt. Eggs, basket? Can Peyton make it back to save their season?

As long as we’re discussing fantasies, let’s see how I fared in Week 2 of my various fantasy leagues, none of which are in the books, because they’re on the Web.

Yahoo Teams

RTVP League: (1-1) Angus’ No Stars 77, OM Rules 79
Chix & Dix League: (1-1) Stratoblasters 193.58, FairlyNiftyBastards 267.45
Purple Pride League: (1-1) 4th And 10 190.41,  GoldRushNiners 234.71
Panther Power:  (1-1) Tazo Zen 189.66, Patriots 1960 159.09
Pros Joes & Schmoes League:  (0-2) The New No. 2 111.79, So Jersey Eagles 196.70

League 337126: (2-0) Ram Air 111.56, New York Beasts 89.70
League 337241: (1-1) Tazo Zen 110.80, super batman team 62.54

ESPN’z #1 League: (0-2) Lehigh Valley Genesis 100, Timmy’s Rams 104
Football Paradise League: (1-1) Vodka Martinis 75, Usa Niners 2011 108

Fox Sports Public League 29622: (0-2) Martini Time 128.3, Some Ole Boys 136.8

So I’m a combined 3-7  for the week for my head-to-head contests, and 8-12 for the season

Time to hit the waiver wires!

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