Fantasy Football 2011, Week 5

Bye Weeks have started! In RL, wonderful for the teams (my beloved Browns, for example, didn’t lose), but a terror for fantasy managers. Particularly in larger leagues where reliable replacements can come at a steep price, such as having to cut a decent starter to make room on your roster for the so-so running back to replace Peyton Hillis for a week.

Let’s see how the first bye week treated us:

Yahoo Teams

RTVP League: (3-2) Angus’ No Stars 63, Jayusmagnus’ Legion 50
Chix & Dix League: (4-1) Stratoblasters 146.58, Pat’s Packers 106.54
Purple Pride League: (3-2) 4th And 10 181.74,  BONECRUSHERS 165.46
Panther Power:  (3-2) Tazo Zen 145.32, coyote ugly 187.36
Pros Joes & Schmoes League:  (2-3) The New No. 2 146.31, Project D 106.05

League 337126: (2-3) Ram Air 80.06, Rebels 88.74
League 337241: (2-3) Tazo Zen 87.04, Man of Steel 93.52

ESPN’z #1 League: (1-4) Lehigh Valley Genesis 102, Team Dillon 117
Football Paradise League: (2-3) Vodka Martinis 111, MPLS itchfen 56

Fox Sports Public League 29622: (1-4) Martini Time 82.5, Lost Gonzos 69.9

So I’m a combined 6-4  for the week for my head-to-head contests, and 23-27 for the season.

It would be nice to be at .500 soon!

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