Fantasy Football 2011, Week 9

Although fantasy games can be a lot of fun, there’s nothing to match the excitement of last-minute, or even last-second, scores to win big games in RL football. Just ask the Ravens and Giants, both of whom won their respective games with touchdowns coming with :08 and :15 on the clock. My poor Browns scored a late touchdown against the Texans, but they were nowhere near a win.

Let’s check my results, shall we?:

Yahoo Teams

RTVP League: (5-4) Angus’ No Stars 67, OM Rules 46
Chix & Dix League: (7-2) Stratoblasters 120.70, new orleans 124.32
Purple Pride League: (7-2) 4th And 10 171.62,  e’s raiders 117.92
Panther Power:  (7-2) Tazo Zen 168.52, She Gives Woodhead 161.30
Pros Joes & Schmoes League:  (5-4) The New No. 2 134.09, Jade’s Team 125.26

League 337126: (5-4) Ram Air 98.70, ray-ray52 83.56
League 337241: (5-4) Tazo Zen 84.0, BearsFAN 90.0

ESPN’z #1 League: (2-7) Lehigh Valley Genesis 72, Openacanof ???? Blue 78
Football Paradise League: (3-5) Vodka Martinis 62, MPLS itchfen 88

Fox Sports Public League 29622: (2-6) Martini Time 71.4, The Grizzlies 86.2

So I’m a combined 5-5  for the week for my head-to-head contests, and 48-42 for the season.

Could be better, could be worse. I’ll take the half-full!

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