Fantasy Football 2011, Week 14

Why can’t we ever generate some good headlines? We lost to the Steelers, but what were the headlines coming out of the game? That it wasn’t the rout that was expected? That our defense kept us in the game? That we showed a little spark on offense? How about the toughness Big Ben R showed after one of his linemen fell on his ankle? No. What’s still making the news is Colt’s concussion, and him playing through it. It must be that the Cleveland medical staff was uncaring in this close game, and threw the quarterback in to continue playing because the win was more important. Or that they were incompetent in their diagnosis.  Couldn’t possibly be that Colt showed no signs of injury after getting leveled by It’s-Not-My-Fault Harrison, could it? Naw.

Playoffs have started/continue in many fantasy leagues as the season winds down.

Let’s see where we stand, shall we?:

Yahoo Teams

RTVP League: (8-6 – Playing in Championship Semifinals) Angus’ No Stars 83, Cassi’s Revenge 63
Chix & Dix League: (8-6 – Playing in Consolation Quarterfinal) Stratoblasters 206.89, SeverStal 215.23
Purple Pride League: (8-6 – Playing in Consolation Quarterfinal) 4th And 10 148.32,  flashers 172.71
Panther Power:  (8-6 – Playing in Championship Quarterfinal) Tazo Zen 191.73, Cat Scratch Fever 192.20
Pros Joes & Schmoes League:  (6-8 – Did Not Make Playoffs) The New No. 2 121.21, Hanlon’s Revenge 176.24

League 337126: (8-6 – Playing in Championship Semifinals) Ram Air 109.38, Rebels 73.34
League 337241: (9-5 – Playing in Championship Semifinals) Tazo Zen 109.60, Man of Steel 72.50

ESPN’z #1 League: ( Week 1 Playoffs, Playing in Consolation Bracket) Lehigh Valley Genesis 81, Team Eger 60 (In Progress)
Football Paradise League: (Week 1 Playoffs, Playing in Consolation Bracket) Vodka Martinis 48, MainePatsFan 93 (In Progress)

Fox Sports Public League 29622: (Week 2 Playoffs, Playing in Consolation Bracket) Martini Time 75.54, Lost Gonzos 101.98

Four Championship playoff games in progress!

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