Scaring Everyone Since 1951

I recently changed my Facebook profile photo to the above work of art, which was realized with an iPhone app. Boy, the complaints I received! I got tired of listening to the squawkers, and after five days changed it to something generic. I didn’t think it was that bad.


Happy 18th Birthday, Son!

Wednesday, February 9, 1994, 5:34 a.m. That’s when my life changed for the best. Not just better; I know my superlatives. Whatever was good in my life up until that moment was magnified, whatever was bad didn’t matter any longer.

You turn eighteen today, kiddo. You’ve made me proud. You’ve grown into an intelligent, compassionate, caring young man, a talented musician with a bright future, surrounded by family and friends who would do anything for you. And you’re way cooler than I ever was.

Enjoy your day.

Happy Birthday, young man!