Fantasy Football!!

Almost as exciting as the return of NFL football is the return of Fantasy Football. Millions of armchair quarterbacks and coaches out to prove that they know the game better than anyone else. Some pay for the privilege, most (like me) seek out the free games and play for bragging rights. I know one guy who’s played in the same fantasy league for several years; the last weekend in August, he travels from his home in Alabama to his league’s Fantasy Draft Day gathering in Missouri. I know another that will literally laugh with sinister glee if, say, Peyton Manning has a horrific game, not because he hate the Colts, but because Peyton’s the quarterback on his opponent’s fantasy team.  I think it not unlikely that many people care more about Fantasy Football than they do about real-life football (I suppose in the way many people’s online life can be more important to them than reality; but that’s not the topic here today).

I’ve been a fantasy fanatic for about 13 years or so. I play several leagues each year, always free, with which I have average success: I’ve been League Champion, I’ve been a cellar dweller, often in the same season.

This season I’m going to post the results of my games every week. No particular reason I’m sharing this with you. Just that it’s my blog and I feel like doing it.

Yahoo Teams

RTVP League: (1-0) Angus’ All Stars 57, Jayusmagnus’ Legion 32
Chix & Dix League: Mudders 239.00, (0-1) Stratoblasters 209.50
Purple Pride League: (0-1) 4th And 10 95.50,  Nordic Nightriders 112.00
Beer & Brats League:  (0-1) The Others 110.04, Cayman Lions 121.52
Pros Joes & Schmoes League:  (1-0) The New No. 2 112.94, LG’s Men of FF 82.72

League 5101: (0-1) The Dharma Initiative 47.22, TUTANKHAMUN 83.22
Leagye 6613: (1-0) Reedy Creek Ramblers 72.64, Mumbles Galaxy 62.08

Fox Sports Public League 6970A: (1-0) A Team Called Brian 124.1, frank’s Team 87.4

ESPN Players League: (0-1) Intimidating Team Name 46, Yukon OK. Evil Eagles 64

So I’m a combined 4-5 for the week for my head-to-head contests.

I’m also a member of several Pick’em (with mixed results) and Survival (which all survived Week 1 thanks to the Dolphins) Leagues, but I won’t bore you with (any more) details.

Yep! Happy to see it back!

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