Yo Ho 2: An Update

I have to relate this quick story. It is, to the best of my knowledge, 100% true and accurate. You can’t make this stuff up.

This occurred today between my older friend and her S.O.B. boyfriend, as mentioned in my original Yo Ho! post.

Miley Cyrus is appearing tonight in Philly. Boyfriend has a ‘tween daughter. He mentioned to my friend that the daughter was a big Miley fan, so she bought tickets to the Big Concert for the three of them, plus two of Daughter’s friends.

My friend, like many of us (and probably many of you), has been trying to avoid catching the bug that’s been going around, but she’s come down with a nasty cold, on top of some other minor health issues she’s been dealing with. So she told Boyfriend today that she wasn’t going to join them for Miley.

So her Beau, obviously concerned about her health, threw a hissy fit, and said that if she wasn’t going, he wasn’t either.

And they couldn’t very well disappoint the girls, who were so looking forward to seeing their idol; so since he wasn’t going, then my sick friend would have to drive them to the Wachovia Center.

Yes, you read that right. She decided not to go because she’s not feeling well. He proclaimed that if she wasn’t going, then he wasn’t either. And since he wasn’t going, then she’d have to take the girls to Philly.

I’m happy to report that she stopped by my office earlier this afternoon and asked me to print out MapQuest directions to the center so that the Boyfriend wouldn’t get lost taking the girls to the concert.

Good for her.

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