NaNoWriMo Update #3

It’s official! For the third straight year, I am a NaNoWriMo Failure!

When last we met, I was “up to” 9300 words and change. This past week, I have added somewhere in the neighborhood of zero words. Despite the exciting prospect of adding several thousand words of sexual fantasies to my project, I chose to find other things to spend time on, like my job, my karate classes, watching football, etc.

Basically, this NaNoWriMo ended like the others I started, in a morass of frustration, excuses, distractions, and, ultimately, disinterest on my part.

November, in my rationalization, is not a good month for this. The latter part of the month may be productive for those without concern for family togetherness and power shopping, but during and after Thanksgiving, I’m in holiday mode, and spending several hours a day concerned with word count does not contribute to my Christmas spirit, Past, Present or Future.

So once again, I abandon my characters and replace the NaNoWriMo logo on my Facebook page with a generic photo of myself, and begin avoiding my friends who have more fortitude than I do, so I don’t have to answer the inevitable “How’s the writing going?”

Maybe I’ll try it again in February, just to see if I can do it. There’ll be no football, no holidays, no distractions.

We’ll see.

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