I am nothing if not aware of my faults.  I have so many they’re hard for me to miss.

One of my most socially unacceptable traits is that I have a tendency to jump both feet first into a conversation in which in many cases I was not invited, and in many others, I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about (these are the conversations that I tend to be loudest during).

Yes, I’m an Interrupter.

If I approach a small group of friends or co-workers in the middle of a conversation, I immediately jump in with my two cents worth of opinion/anecdote/iffy knowledge regarding whatever topic is at hand.  To make sure I get my point across, I often repeat myself.

If  I’m conversing with one or two other people, and someone else approaches with a question of some sort, I verbally elbow the other folks out of the way and forcefully put forth my answer, correct or not, backed up with opinion, personal experience, and quite often facts and stories pulled out of thin air.

I know this is  happening as I do it; everyone involved kind of looks at me incredulously with a “will-you-please-shut-up” expression on their faces, but I forge ahead. To stop and apologize is not an option.  It would be an admission that I’m not as cool as I pretend to be.

If I know this and see it coming…why can’t I stop it before it starts?

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