Sticker Shock



For my macular degeneration, my iDoc long ago prescribed one drop of Lumigan in my left eye every night.  Although it’s packaged in a tiny little bottle, one drop a night means it lasts me a few months. Particularly since I don’t always remember to drop the drop in my eye.

I dropped the last drop from my previous refill one night last week, and ordered a refill.

When I stopped at the pharmacy the next day to pick it up, I couldn’t believe my good eye. When I had the prescription filled in September, the 2.5 ml bottle cost me $25. Last week, it had rocketed up to $93! Almost 300% in six months!

As the pharmacist’s assistant was performing CPR on me, she mentioned that without my insurance coverage, it would have cost me $130.

Who says the healthcare system doesn’t need to be looked at closely?

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