Fantasy Football 2011, Week 8

Despite injuries and the always-frustrating Bye Weeks, I actually made some progress this week. The same cannot be said, however, for poor Peyton Hillis, who just can’t seem to do anything right these days. The Madden Curse is real!

Let’s check my results, shall we?:

Yahoo Teams

RTVP League: (4-4) Angus’ No Stars 76, Dundee’s Devils 55
Chix & Dix League: (7-1) Stratoblasters 261.19, wolves 122.73
Purple Pride League: (6-2) 4th And 10 204.21,  the assault 143.88
Panther Power:  (6-2) Tazo Zen 239.58, Hmongsters 93.56
Pros Joes & Schmoes League:  (4-4) The New No. 2 112.17, LG’s  Men of FF 88.23

League 337126: (4-4) Ram Air 92.70, Jake Lockouts 54.76
League 337241: (5-3) Tazo Zen 81.40, New York Beasts 52.22

ESPN’z #1 League: (2-6) Lehigh Valley Genesis 82 Winnersville Swag Team Baby 92
Football Paradise League: (3-5) Vodka Martinis 76, Maine PatsFan 69

Fox Sports Public League 29622: (2-5) Martini Time 77.8, Double Coverage 102.8

So I’m a combined 8-2  for the week for my head-to-head contests, and 43-37 for the season.

Finally!  A good week, and I’m finally over .500! w00f!

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